Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Character Description: Alexander

For the next few posts, I am going to set up who the characters are in my story and their descriptions.

Alexander, the Grim Reaper

His shaggy, black hair hangs in his face like thick curtains, shielding himself from the light. He is tall and lean with long, pale fingers tightly grasping his staff. Alexander is a man that appears to be in his thirties, not some elderly, decrepit person as some would envision a reaper of souls. However, his eyes show what his body does not. His eyes are ancient pools of water, dark and deep, without any way to peer in and see what is hidden, yet there is an overwhelming sense that time and death have taken a toll in this place.

He wears a long robe that hangs limply off his thin body. It was black at one time but that time has long been forgotten. Now, it is ashen gray, dirty and ragged, falling to his frayed sandals. His staff is just symbolic of his title; he does not actually reap souls, only brings them to the other side. The staff itself is cobbled together with yellowed and cracked bones strapped together. It is top off with a human skull, hollow and smiling toothily while cocked to one side, as if listening for the death knell.

His humor is dry and dark. For thousands of years, he has been the Grim Reaper, leader of all reapers. Death bores him and the newly-departed bother him even more.

Favorite Saying:
"Another one for the furnace."

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